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 Team Fortress 2

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PostSubject: Team Fortress 2   Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:34 pm

as most of you know im very much involved in this game and i was wondering if anyone else was. if there is anyone else in the guild that plays it we should swap steam details and have a game together either on a full 24 slot server or on a private dueling server (i have about 12 servers at my disposal). also all the guys i play with are good lads and feel free to poke your head in the door and have a go. im not sure that posting server ip's and websites on a forum is a good idea any more due to spambots and such. but just let me (wangdoodler) know your interested and ill send you the details.

p.s. we also have a ventrillo and a mumble voip server as well as day of defeat source, bad company 2, killing floor, left for dead and left for dead 2 servers but my main vice is TF2 Razz
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Team Fortress 2
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